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Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.




Session One:



If we want to get HIRED, we've got to think HIGHER!

This year has been so tough for so many of us. This summit was designed to help you not only learn about job opportunities, but to also energize you with the motivation you need to move forward.

This HigherMe Workforce Summit begins with a session by speaker, entrepreneur and radio host, Frankie Wilson Jr.



Session Two:

Workforce 2021: 

Preparing for a New Economy 

What industries will be on the rise in the future? How should you prepare for what comes next in the workforce? What about entrepreneurship - is now a good time to start a business? Join industry leaders for a dynamic conversation about the workforce of the future.

Session Three:

Preparing Students

for Success in a 

Post COVID World

What opportunities await our students? How do we ensure that our children are prepared for the workforce? With what skills should they be equipped? Join our panel of educators for a conversation about preparing our students for what's next. 

Demetra Brown.jpg

demetra brown

Dallas Entrepreneur Center

Demetra Brown is the Senior Director for the Dallas Entrepreneur Center, an organization that helps entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

Richard Perez.png

richard perez

Workforce Solutions - Greater Dallas

Richard Perez is the Research Manager at Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas

Candy Slocum.jpg

candy sloucum

North Central Texas Interlink

Candy Slocum is the Executive Director at North Central Texas Interlink, Inc, an organization that gathers information about the workforce in North Central Texas.

Ben Magill.jpg

ben magill

Dallas College

Ben Magill is the Associate Vice Chancellor of Economic Opportunity at Dallas College

Joe Seabrooks.jpg

dr. joe seabrooks

Dallas College

Dr. Joe Seabrooks is the President of Cedar Valley, a Dallas College Campus.


tracy williams

Texas Christian University

Tracy Williams is the National Board Alumni President of Texas Christian University.

Tyesha Smith Lowe.jpg

tyesha smith lowe

Cedar Hill ISD

Tyesha Smith Lowe is the Director of Innovation with Cedar Hill ISD.


Workshop One:

Resume Building and Interviewing in 2021

How does looking for a job now differ from the way it was before? What things should be on my resume? How do I show up for my virtual interviews? 

Workshop by Andre Ford of Equus Workforce Solutions

Workshop Two:

Virtual Employment

What careers are available to me online? Are there jobs for me that I can work from home? What skills do I need to have in place to be prepared for these jobs?

Workshop by Steven Bridges of Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas

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