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The pandemic has taken its toll on the business community...

In partnership with the Cedar Hill EDC, the Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce hosted a free workshop series, The Cedar Hill Strong ECONOMY Workshop Series is an online resource dedicated to helping the business community be successful, even in the midst of uncertainty.


On this site, you will find strategies and tools to increase your bottom line, and bring value to your customer base.


This two-part workshop series will take place on October 16 and October 23, with the first workshop kicking with “How to Fund Your Big Idea.” Presented by Frost Bank + Impact Ventures, attendees will learn tips on maximizing their finances while prepping their businesses to scale upward. As businesses prepare for Q4 sales and the busiest time of year,  the “Sleigh Your Holiday Strategy” workshop will target marketing opportunities and organizational tools that businesses can use to leverage annual sales. 

In addition to attending in-person, attendees can opt to be part of the interactive, audience-driven webinar right in the comfort of their own homes. Each hybrid workshop series involves a 3 hour Vimeo or in-person session where business owners and entrepreneurs will work with designated facilitators, receive hands-on assistance, and hear expert advice on marketing tactics, business planning, financial strategy, social media planning, and more. 


Workshops designed with you in mind.

Past Workshops include:

  • Marketing Development and Business Planning

  • Web and Social Media Strategy

  • Branding and Customer Service

  • Resume Building

  • Virtual Employment Tips


Benefit from this full interactive series, right in the comfort of your own home.


What supplies do I need for the workshops?

You'll need access to WiFi, a pen and paper for notes, and your bright and shining attention!

How long is each class?

Each class involves 45-minutes of instruction, followed by a Q&A session hosted by your instructors.


How do I join the Chamber of Commerce?

The Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce is a great resource. Sign up to become a member at

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